I first picked up a camera at the early age of thirteen, passionated of portraits.

Later, I became a wedding elopement photographer but
my heart always been on fashion/comercial shoots. I am always on the go and ready to take on the next adventure and create some magic behind the camera.

When it comes to my job, my heart is happiest catching real moments and real connection. Those in between moments. I love connecting with people so they feel comfortable being their authentic selves with me.

Now, I proudly say my dream to be an comercial and editorial photographer is happening. I am available for editorial, comercial, portrait, documentary and photography assigments worldwide.
Whether you are in need of lifestyle photography for a major hotel brand, for an upcoming fashion campaign, I am ready to faces your needs. My husband is film-maker (www.jacobfilms.ro) so we complete each other perfectly.

Weddings are still part of my life but not like before. I decided to take a few weddings a year, so hurry to book yours!

I am available for work anywhere, a car or plane will take me to you.

I’m here to tell your story. To bring it to life.